Wedding @ Gower Beach, Wales

Gower Beach WeddingThis weekend I went to Gower near Swansea in Wales to guitar for the the wedding of a music shop owner at The Oxwich Bay Hotel. The Bride called me last year and said she wanted to book me but hadn't finalised the date yet. She said she had only called the Priest and Guitarist, the rest could wait, but she wanted to get a date when we could both coincide. I was, of course, flattered that I was this high on her priorities and when I told her this she explained that her fiancé owned a guitar shop in Swansea and he had been sat in the shop with all the staff watching the videos and listening to the sound clips on my website and so she really wanted me to play... even more flattered and I would definitely travel to wherever the wedding was going to be held!

I stayed at The Oxwich Bay Hotel with my girlfriend and we went for a swim on the morning of the wedding in the beautiful beach that is just 100 yards from the hotel front door. The weather was fantastic and the sea was amazing. The beach also served as a perfect setting for the wedding photos later on in the day.

The Bride's father unfortunately died a year before the wedding and so the Bride asked me to play his favourite piece of music 'Recuerdos De La Alhambra' by Francisco Tárega (a famous Spanish Guitarist) in his memory. This is a very difficult yet beautiful piece of music which I put a lot of work into perfecting in the run up to the wedding. I just hope her Dad was happy with my performance if he was looking down and listening!

I later played some more up-beat Gipsy Kings' numbers as the sun set over the rugged and spectacular Welsh coastline.


Spanish Guitarist