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Tower 42 Gary Rhode's London Restaurant








I played last night for a private party at Tower 42. I had never heard of this building which I am surprised about because It held the status of tallest building in the City of London for 30 years, until it was surpassed by the Heron Tower in December 2009, and is the seventh tallest in Greater London (I am not sure whether these statistics are pre or post shard). The (42 story) building was originally called the National Westminster Tower, having been built to house the National Westminster Bank's International Division. It is currently home to a number of companies and Rhodes 24 - Gary Rhode's restaurant on the 24th floor. This restaurant has superb views across London through the ceiling-to-floor glass windows and, of course, great food. There are also "private dining capsules" next to the restaurant itself which are served from the Rhodes 24 kitchen. They have the same views, same service and same menu but are enclosed and private.

Also, on the 42nd (top) floor of the building there is a champagne bar aptly named Vertigo. I went up to have a look and it is a very chic bar with almost 360˚ views of London and decorated and lit throughout in purple. You could almost imagine it being Prince's private bar.

Vertigo Champagne Bar, London