International Jewelry Exhibition - Earls Court, London

Earls Court IJLOn Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I played for The International Jewelry Exhibition at Earl's Court in London. Every year the show attracts retailers, wholesalers, designers and dealers from all over the world for three days to exhibit their new products and talk everything diamonds, gold and silver. It was interesting to meet so many designers and artists and hear how they work through the design process and then realise their ideas and turn them into physical products, there is a real art to it. Security was extremely high with cameras everywhere and plain-clothed agents wondering throughout the venue. I was told told there was £1billion worth of merchandise inside the building during the exhibition.

For all the beautiful stands and edgy new ideas I have to say I was won over more by the huge chocolate fountain on Tresor's stand, as were most others ;-)

There was also a slightly surreal moment when a huge security guard who had a gold tooth and quite an intimidating presence about him came over and said to me "that was a beautiful piece of music really delicately played, could you play that for me again later please?"