Ellenborough Park, Cheltenham

  Guitarist GloucestershireOn Thursday I played at Ellenborough Park in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire for a corporate dinner. The guests work for an Insurance comoany in America and were treated to a weekend in the UK which consisted of a cruise along the coast in the QM2, a classica car rally (in which they were driving the classic cars), afternoon tea with Princess Diana's brother and a roast dinner at Ellenborough Park with yours truly playing live music for them. I'm guessing they sell quite a lot of insurance and make reasonable sums of money for their employers to be so kind to them.

The most outstanding part of the evening, I have to say, was the gravy. The chef at Ellenborough Park makes the most delicious gravy I have ever tasted. I got the recipe from him and shall post it on here soon!

Guitarist Gloucestershire