Celebrity Wedding - Tuscany, Italy

Celebrity Wedding TuscanyI have spent the last three days in Tuscany, Italy, where I played for an incredibly extravagant celebrity wedding. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to say who the celebrities were who got married (the fact they got married is not a secret but the wedding was kept paparazzi-free and only select photos were published. We also signed a confidentiality clause) but I can at least show you this photo taken before the guests arrived inside the five star complex. Notice the eight harpists, four either side of the aisle, who played a nice arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon in D as the bride walked down the aisle. If you look to the bottom left of the photo you will also see a painter who was hired to paint still life on canvass during the ceremony. The video footage was captured by a professional team as you can see on the far right of the picture. I then played for the reception drinks and canopés which were served in the vine garden and then later on by the pool as cocktails were served.

On the wedding day I got talking to the chef at the hotel who is a keen amateur Guitarist and he offered to take me out on his new toy, a BMW motor bike in exchange for a guitar lesson. I agreed and I must say that this was a memorable experience (the ride) and possibly one of the best ways to see the Tuscan countryside. I would love to return and get to know the area better (and maybe hire a motor bike to do it on...).