Bourn Golf and Country Club, Cambridgeshire

Bourn Golf and Country Club, CambridgeshireCambrideshire Birthday Party  






On Saturday night I played for a 60th birthday party at Bourn Golf and Country Club, Cambridgeshire. The golf course itself is beautiful (see above) and the inside lends itself perfectly to a party. The birthday girl and her husband are Scottish/Irish so they and their friends really did know how to party.

The evening started with a bagpiper playing the guests into the party room. I was next, accompanying them throughout the meal (five courses!) and then a 9-piece disco band enabled people to boogie after desert and speeches.

As I played Wonderful Tonight the birthday girl and her husband started to dance on the dance floor just in front of me. Then another couple asked them if they would mind if they also danced... before I knew it I had 20 people dancing in front of me whilst singing along. This is quite unusual for a solo guitarist playing through dinner but a very pleasant surprise.

The bagpipe player and the disco band were both excellent and I would love to mention them here but I don't have their details. I will try and hunt them down and post their details and links later as they are really worth checking out if you are looking for something like this.

There was a funny moment when I was getting changed in the men's changing rooms and the client paid me in cash. I asked the Bagpiper who was also getting changed (into his kilt) if he thought it was safe to leave my coat, car keys, spare guitar and cash in the changing rooms and he said, without flinching, "I've been assured that it is..... I mean I have a set of pipes in that case!". I still can't work out if he had a very dry sense of humour or if he was being serious....

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