Wedding Music - Midnight At The Oasis

Midnight At The Oasis

Wedding section suggestion: Wedding breakfast

Style: Popular music (70s)

Original Artist Adele

This is one of my favourite songs from my forthcoming solo album. It is a very melodic song with some great jazz chords and it works perfectly on the acoustic guitar.

Midnight At The Oasis is a well-known song that most people recognise but, strangely, I am yet to meet someone who knows the name of the original performer of the song. It was Maria Maldaur who recorded it in 1974, though a lot of younger people know it from when it was covered by The Brand New Heavies in 1994.

Midnight At The Oasis works well during the wedding breakfast as it is quite upbeat and it is precisely during the meal when guests are starting to drink “more fluidly” shall we say that the tempo should rise slightly and songs with a bit more rhythm and groove go down better.

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