Little Park House, Brimpton (Near Reading)

Little Park House BrimptonLittle Park House Near Reading





On Saturday I play for the very first wedding held at Little Park House in Brimpton near Reading. The house has been hired out before for a few parties and sepcial events but this is the first wedding as the owners prepare to begin hosting more in the coming years. The lawn stretches over a very wide area and there is ample room for marquees accommodating 250+ guests. The Bride and Groom have access to the interior of the house and can stay the night. I’m not sure whether Little Park House have a licence to marry on site as the couple I played for were married in a local church. If you are looking for a venue off the beaten track and that not many people¬† know about maybe you should pay Little Park House a visit, it’s well worth considering.

Beach Wedding in Marbella, Spain

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On Sunday I played for a beach wedding in Marbella, Spain. The Bride and Groom saw me play at the International Wedding Show at Earls Court in September when they were looking for ideas for their wedding. I was surprised when they asked if I would travel to Spain for their wedding as there are so many Flamenco Guitarists in Spain (and especially in Andalucía!) but they said most of the Guitarists they had found in the area only played flamenco and not the well-known songs and that they wanted their guests to be able to recognise the music being played. So I mixed in flamenco with popular songs arranged for Flamenco guitar.

Solo guitar music in the background always creates a special atmosphere at a wedding but so does the sound of the Mediterranean Sea lapping up onto the shore!

Classical Guitar at Trinity Hall, Cambridge

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On Friday I played classical guitar for a wedding that took place at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. It is a wonderful setting to hold your wedding with beautiful grounds and when the weather is good, like it was, there are punters on the river and people picnicking in the parks and fields which adds to the atmosphere.

I’m looking forward to playing at Saint Catherine’s College in Cambridge at the end of August for another wedding.