Private Party – The Devil’s Punchbowl – Classical Guitar

Tent Marquee weddingwigwam marquee wedding







On Sunday I played for a private party in The Devil’s Punchbowl which is a beautiful part of the world. The house was 2 miles down a country lane next a to a large lake and surrounded by natural beauty. It was a discreet affair with a four course meal from locally sourced food, English cider from draught, and me on classical guitar.

The meal took place in a “wigwam marquee” which have become quite fashionable lately. You can see in my pictures above that these are quirky from the outside and can be made really cosy on the inside.

The client whose 50th birthday it was said to me “It’s my birthday and I said to my wife that she could organise whatever party she liked as long as the meat was locally sourced lamb, the drink was my favourite Suffolk cider, and that David Buckingham played classical guitar!”

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Straight back from the 40˚ of Madrid and onto a slightly cooler venue…. a boat on the Thames for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

I was playing on the top deck of the boat which a bit cold for my poor fingers (the weather was at its most British!) but nice to be in the centre where everything was happening and everyone was partying. The party on the boat I was playing was held by someone whose wedding I played at five years ago who called me out of the blue.


Wedding Guitar Music

Madrid – open-air Spanish wedding

I was in Madrid this weekend playing at a wedding. Spanish weddings normally start a lot later than English weddings, presumably because of the heat. This particular wedding ceremony started at 19:00 and was open-air.

The weather was amazing and the venue was great too. The venue is called Finca Molino del manto and is in a town called Chinchón, about 20km from Madrid City.

The Bride chose my arrangement of What A Feeling for her aisle walk and my arrangement of The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba for the Bride and Groom Recessional. There were also various other musical excerpts…

…The Bride booked me after hearing me accompanying the famous Spanish Comedian Maru Candel in at a show in Madrid. She is a friend of Maru’s and a professional dancer herself, having recently finished a tour with the Michael Jackson musical Thriller. Maru sang a song during the ceremony and the singer from the Thriller tour sang a beautiful version of Speechless and another song called Burn For You which I hadn’t heard of before the wedding. It’s by an Australian singer wh had a lot of success in the 80s.

During the meal I discovered a Spanish tradition at weddings whereby the guests start to chant “que se bese, que se bese!” – “we want to see a kiss!” this happened at several points during the wedding breakfast started randomly by different tables. The guests keep chanting until the Bride and Groom kiss (which is followed by a round of applause).

The wedding reminded me of when I lived in Madrid studying flamenco guitar, especially when I was told that there were buses laid on to take guests back to the City Centre… at 3am, 4am and 5am!!!